Sophie and Jamie move into a Plumlife home

Sophie and Jamie, both in their early 20s, bought a three-bedroom home at Leesbrook View in Lees, Oldham on Shared Ownership. As two of Plumlife’s youngest Shared Ownership customers, they made the decision to abandon renting and look into buying soon after they met.

Teaching assistant Sophie said: “I grew up around Lees and then my family moved to Saddleworth. I’ve always had connections to Lees as my grandma lives close by and my mum works just around the corner.

“After driving past the Leesbrook View site, I watched as the development took shape over the next few months. The scheme was perfectly positioned, it’s in a green area of Lees, yet close enough to the high street for shopping and has great transport links to Manchester and surrounding areas.

“Myself and Jamie had moved into a rented property in Chadderton, but came to the conclusion that renting is dead money. We decided it was time to buy. After doing some research online we stumbled across Shared Ownership and immediately looked into what was involved.

“We made the decision to choose Shared Ownership because we wouldn’t have been able to afford to buy a property outright. We wanted to invest in a three-bedroom house and buy a ‘forever’ home. We knew we had to save as much as possible for a deposit. Obviously this is difficult when you’re leasing as you’re paying rent every month. We’re both pretty determined and made real sacrifices as we managed to save a substantial deposit.

“The journey to buying our dream house began after we made an appointment at Leesbrook View through Plumlife. We looked around the show home and were blown away by how modern, light and trendy it was! The fact all homes were new builds really appealed to us. We wanted to move into a property that included new appliances and offered a blank canvas to enable us to put our stamp on the décor. After our visit we decided to make an off plan reservation straight away. We were quick to act because we didn’t want anyone else to book our plot!

“The process was pretty quick – within three months we’d found a home, organised a mortgage and relocated. The Plumlife team was really helpful and were there with us every step of the way to explain any buying details.

“In terms of the financials we bought a 65 per cent share of a three-bedroom home for £107,250 and paid an affordable monthly mortgage of £550 and rent of £132. This was really manageable for both of us and works well because we know we’re working towards owning our home outright.

“I know we are both quite young but it’s such a relief to have stepped onto the property ladder I’d recommend Shared Ownership as the perfect option for young couples struggling to do this.”
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