Buying in Blackburn

Fahid was a first time buyer sick of looking around over priced properties, with small living spaces, on his limited budget. His four year-long property search was proving fruitless before he started reading about Shared Ownership and began looking on Rightmove.

Fahid, 30, an IT engineer at Blackburn Royal Hospital was living at home in Ewood, Blackburn with his mum to help with mortgage repayments, after his father passed away in 2012. The home she bought 23 years ago was in desperate need of building maintenance and its dilapidated state was beginning to affect his mother’s health. The costs of over priced mortgage and the prospect of fitting new insulation, a new roof, full rewiring and new window frames was too much. So he began searching for a modern, newly decorated home for them to move to.

On his wish list was a house with a smaller mortgage and fresh, contemporary look. His mother’s family in Pakistan were able to provide a good deposit of around £6,700. He started looking around but soon realised he was priced out of the market. While researching on Rightmove he spotted a three bedroom, semi detached Plumlife home, with two bathrooms, a living room, dining room, two car drive way, a shed and garden in Shadsworth.

Fahid said: “My first impressions were ‘wow’. The house was airy, spacious and looked really modern. The process was simple and moved very quickly. I registered interest in Plumlife at start of 2014, researched developments, went to look around the show home in autumn 2014 and collected the keys in winter 2015. In terms of the financials we paid roughly £9,000 - £10,000 before moving in. This included our £6,700 mortgage, solicitor’s fees, the registration cost and the costs for carpets, as we purchased the show home and had to pay for extra fittings.”

Fahid found the process of working with Plumlife really simple. He said: “Everything went really smoothly. Plumlife staff were happy to answer any questions I had on the phone or by email. We currently own a 40 per cent share of the house and will then choose to staircase the property and my aim is to buy the whole home in a year. Our rent is £162 a month and we pay £236 for the monthly mortgage. 

“My advice to others thinking of the Shared Ownership option is ‘go for it!’ These are interesting times for first time buyers, as a lot will happen after the election and it depends which party wins but I imagine there will be lots of new initiatives for young people who are renting and want to buy. Shared Ownership is wonderful because you can buy a small stake in a property and work your way up. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a lovely modern house on a budget.”

Plumlife, the affordable homes specialist, is dedicated to making home ownership easier for a wide range of residents throughout the North West. Part of leading housing group, Great Places and based in Manchester, Plumlife is a multi award winning company dedicated to providing affordable home ownership solutions. The organisation offers highly desirable new build homes for sale via government-backed Help to Buy schemes, as well as homes available for outright sale. From chic urban apartments, to family-friendly homes in the country – Plumlife is known for choosing innovative and exciting developments designed to meet the lifestyles and aspirations of our customers.

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