First time buyer Tammy steps onto the property ladder

When Tammy Odell’s relationship with a previous partner broke down, she needed somewhere to live.  Tammy knew that she didn’t want to move out of Oldham and she knew she no longer wanted to rent. Tammy wanted to have her own home.

That was 18 months ago. Now, Tammy has a two-bedroom home on the Rose Mill site in Chadderton, paying half what she was when she was renting.

At 39-years-old, the general merchandiser for Tesco, said: “Getting my own home is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m happy and settled and ready to live my life with less stress and worry. Very happy homeowner finally!”

Tammy worked with Plumlife on a shared ownership package, which sees Tammy owning 45% of her home paying £217.32 for the mortgage and £187.04 for the rent. This was with a £10,000 deposit.

This was a perfect way for Tammy to get her feet on the ladder.

“I would recommend shared ownership to anyone who is in a situation like mine, who is on limited income and fed up of either having to move from rental to rental or just wants to get on the housing ladder. It let’s you own your own home without the worries of being evicted and costs are manageable.” said Tammy.

She added: “At the time that I started looking I had split up with an ex-partner.  I needed to find somewhere to live I no longer wanted to rent because rentals are so expensive these days. I was paying £730 rent a month for a similar 3 bed house. This house costs almost half of that.

“I heard about Plumlife on the Rightmove site and when I saw that they were building homes in a local area I showed my interest as soon as I was able to.”

For the first-time buyer, the home being a new build was also an attraction.

“I used to rent a new build property. Having lived in a new build property before I did know what to expect in a new build home: it’s a blank canvas that you can put your stamp on.

“It's a great home, the lay out is well thought out. It's really nice that there's French doors that open out to the garden and I was thrilled that the sink in the bathroom had drawers in the bottom of it! It solves a storage problem!”

But the best thing? Its HER home.

“Oh, that’s the best thing about it is, it's MY home. I think the biggest difference it's made to my life is that I know I have somewhere that's all mine and my home is secure, and I won't have to move ever again.  Now I have my home I don't have the stress and worry breathing down on me, it will improve my living conditions significantly secure in the knowledge it's MY home.

“I would recommend Plumlife all day long. They were very helpful and efficient in my case and really helped me in my journey.”

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