Kelly gets her family on the property ladder

Kelly Morris, 33, works in the education sector. She bought a 50 per cent share of a four bedroom home at Manor Gardens in Walkden, Salford through Shared Ownership with Plumlife.

“Myself and my partner Michael had been renting the whole time we had been together. We have two children, so saving up for a large deposit is really hard to do when you’re both paying rent and supporting a family. Affordability of the deposit was the biggest thing against us. 

“I’m from the local area originally and was only living five or ten minutes away when I saw the development being built. I had heard about affordable housing and how it could benefit people with our circumstances, so I got in touch with Redrow, which was building the development, and they gave me the details for Plumlife. We really wanted to stay in the local area as my eldest is 15 and goes to school just up the road – I didn’t feel like I could uproot my children at this stage of life by moving to a different area. 
“We spoke with Sarah at Plumlife who was absolutely brilliant. She advised us that Shared Ownership might work well for us and that the houses were completing in 2017, so we got onto the mailing list and received a message as soon as they were ready for reservation. 

“We made an appointment to view and were assessed for eligibility. There was a lot of information to take in as we were on a very short timeframe, but Sarah walked us through the whole process. Whenever we needed anything, she was there to help. Buying a home can be stressful and we felt fully supported and that there were no unforeseen surprises – everything ran like clockwork. 

“Two semi-detached four-bedroom houses were releases and we were lucky enough to get one – we couldn’t believe it. We were able to buy a 50 per cent share for £108k and put down a 10 per cent deposit. 

“We moved in at the beginning of June and it has been brilliant – we couldn’t be happier. It feels so different to own your own home and we couldn’t recommend Shared Ownership enough. Our plan is to look at staircasing when we can, with a view to buying the full 100 per cent. 

“Shared Ownership has been the best way for us to get on the property ladder. The process was made easy by Plumlife, the children love having their own rooms and are close to school. Our family has so much extra space. If you’re thinking about Shared Ownership, contact Plumlife to find out more.”

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