Plumlife helped me step back onto the property ladder

Mary Woodman, 60, bought a two bedroom home with a garden at The Spinnings in Kirkham near Preston, thanks to help from Plumlife and Shared Ownership.

“I’ve always been a home owner, but after my husband Steve passed away several years ago I lost my home and found myself in the position of having to start again.

“I rented in the private sector for several years, but worked out in that time I spent more than £30,000 on rent. Renting a home never really makes it feel like yours and I really wanted to get back into home ownership.

“I had seen Plumlife building at Thornton, but when I enquired, they had all been snapped up, so I kept my eyes open and eventually saw The Spinnings come up, which was in a great location. I was helped by Simon throughout and he went through the financial details with me to make sure it was affordable and what I needed. Simon put me onto Metro Finance who found the right mortgage for me – with me being 60, I needed something that would work and allow me to buy a share of a property and then continue with affordable rent on the property for the duration. Plumlife was brilliant from beginning to end and really went out of their way to help me, meaning I was able to buy a 30 per cent share of a two bedroom home at The Spinnings.

“I was able to put down a 15 per cent deposit down which equated to just over £8500 – I know with more Shared Ownership it is five per cent which is even more affordable as high deposits are a big barrier to home ownership, especially for people who are just starting out – I’m trying to persuade my son to think about Shared Ownership too! I work as a company secretary for a construction company and a small deposit was achievable and affordable for me. I’m hoping to buy more shares over the next nine years before I retire, but when I do retire I am safe in the knowledge that the rent on the other share of the property will be manageable.

“Simon and Metro Finance were wonderful throughout and I moved into my new home at The Spinnings on 1 November, 2017. Shared Ownership was fantastic for me as I now am living in my own home, I can enjoy it and I have a garden which is great as I’m a keen gardener and I was renting a flat previously! I have been given the ability to own again and Shared Ownership was a great way back. I’m hoping to get a windfall so I can buy my home outright!”

The Spinnings at Kirkham has two and three bedroom properties for Shared Ownership, with prices ranging from £51, 275 for a 35 per cent share to £116,250 for a 75 per cent share. Perfect for families, couples and single people, the local area has Ribby Hall Village, farm shops, restaurants including Gusto, shopping centres and supermarkets. It also has doctors, dentists and outstanding local schools on its doorstep.

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