Plumlife helps Carrianne step onto the property ladder in Salford

Carrianne says she still has to pinch herself when she walks into her new home in Walkden, Salford.

The mum-of-one accountant had gone from a damp and awful home suffering from subsidence in Swinton to a beautiful new three-bedroom home at Plumlife’s Reynolds Place development.

She had been aware of Plumlife from working in the housing sector and had been looking to see if she could find a suitable home for her and her son.

That’s when she searched on the Plumlife Facebook page and found they were selling a new development in Walkden - Reynolds Place.  It was perfectly located, with access to all the local amenities in Walkden town centre, as well as her son’s school being less than a ten minute walk and boasting plenty of green space with several parks nearby to walk the family dog, including the picturesque Blackleach Country Park.

It realised a dream for the 36-year-old single mum who wanted to put down roots for her and her 14-year-old son.

Carrianne said: “I went to see Kelly at the show home and it was very useful. Kelly was welcoming and the show home looked perfect. I instantly knew it was the right place for us.”

She said: “Being a single parent, I never thought I would be able to get back on the property ladder. And the house I was in previously was making both my son and I very ill physically and mentally. 

“Although you have to pay part-rent, part-mortgage it still worked out cheaper than my rent for previous properties which is perfect.”

“I love the layout of my new home. I like how the living room is at the back of the property, when you finished work you can come in and shut yourself off from the world.  I’ve turned the third bedroom into a study for Harvey ready for his GCSEs and as I work from home, it’s ideal for me as well.”

“I also like having the big patio doors leading onto the garden and the kitchen/diner is ideal for entertaining family and friends.”

“My goal since giving birth was to be a home owner and I now feel all my hard work and studies have paid off. I still pinch myself when I look at my new home.”

“I feel I have made it in life and to know that I will be able to leave something to my son is such an amazing feeling.”

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