To buy a home in their village of Catterall was nothing but a pipe dream for Jess and her partner Gavin

To buy a home in their village of Catterall was nothing but a pipe dream for Jess and her partner Gavin. But when Beacon Place started to take shape, everything changed.

The pair, both 26, and their young daughter, were in rented accommodation thinking that they will never be able to afford a house in their home village of Catterall.

Jess, a part-time receptionist and Gavin, a painter and decorator, wanted to stay in Catterall and close, but with property prices high, saving for a large deposit was proving difficult.

Jess said: “We were looking for about a year but the deposit we needed to buy outright was too expensive.

“But when we saw the Plumlife hoardings go up at Beacon Place we had a look at the website and we started to think we could be able to buy. We were very excited about the shared ownership option as it meant that we could actually afford a deposit and step onto the property ladder.

“We did our research into shared ownership and soon realised that owning our own home was a real possibility.”

When the pair visited the show home, it was the confirmation they needed that Beacon Place was somewhere they could call home.

Jess said: “The show home was stunning. Its one thing looking at plans, but it’s another to see how our home really could look. It gave us the confidence that we were doing the right thing.”

Jess praised the Plumlife team, especially Sarah, for helping the couple through the buying process.

“Sarah helped us every step of the way, it was very straightforward and we were able to get in very quickly.

“It’s fantastic to finally own our own home. We’ve wanted it for such a long time; it’s very surreal to think that we have finally made it.”

“We never thought we could have a home like this. We have three bedrooms and with one child and one on the way, this will be our forever home. The house is beautifully finished and I can’t see us moving from here. It has everything we could ever want.”

“We bought 50 per cent of our property and we can buy more when we can afford it. It’s in the ideal location and it’s perfect for our growing family.”

Jess had nothing but positive things to say about the shared ownership scheme, she said: “It was perfect for us. I know that there are a lot of schemes out there and it can be quite confusing finding the right scheme, but shared ownership really helped us, allowing us to have a low deposit. I know it can help many other first-time buyers like us, I would recommend it to anyone.”

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