End My Tenancy

How do I end my tenancy?

We’re sorry that you are leaving Plumlife. Here’s all you need to know about ending your tenancy.

What you need to do

Provide written notice (letter or e-mail) to end your tenancy. You can also let us know you wish to end your tenancy by completing this quick online form (login required).

We normally ask for at least one calendar month’s notice. This will be stated in your tenancy agreement.

Attend a pre-termination visit

Once we have received notice of you wanting to end your tenancy, we will make an appointment to visit you in your home, for a pre-termination visit. The purpose of this visit is to identity what actions you can take to ensure you receive all, or as much as possible, of your deposit back when you leave. We will also explain the check out and deposit return procedure.

We will:

  • Work with you to make access arrangements for Plumlife to carry out viewings in your home for prospective customers during your notice period. We will always provide at least 24 hours' notice of any viewing and make sure a member of the Lettings Team will always accompany prospective tenants around the property.
  • Meet you in the property on the last day of your tenancy (or the closest day following a weekend) to inspect it and check it against the inventory. If there are to be any deductions from your deposit we will discuss these with you. We will then collect all keys from you.
  • Discuss any deductions. You will have been sent a repayment code from the DPS at the start of the tenancy. You will need to log on to the Deposit Protection Scheme website and use this code to claim back the deposit.

Your responsibilities — you must:

  •  Pay the rent up to and including the tenancy end date
  • Allow access for a property inspection visit
  • Clear the property of all belongings including items in the garden and in the loft
  • Return the keys to Plumlife no later than 12 noon on the day your tenancy ends
  • Tell Council Tax your new address
  • Tell your water, gas, electric and phone companies that you are moving

Our responsibilities - we will:

  • Explain the amount of rent due up to and including the tenancy end date
  • Agree how you will return your keys to Plumlife
  • Explain what condition we expect your property to be left in when you leave
  • Inspect the property and take pictures for our records