Lettings Service

At Plumlife, we manage more than 2,700 properties across a mix of tenures; advising clients on a variety of issues including rent levels, arrears management and tenancy terms.

Our award-winning Marketing and PR team can maximise the promotion of your development with bespoke branding, helping find the right kind of customers for your property. 

Consultancy services

We provide a full market research service, including demand analysis, neighbourhood intelligence and rental prices. We will assist you in determining suitable tenancy terms for sites along with property mix, design, specifications and pricing strategies.

The most important role for any lettings negotiator is matching the right person to the right home.

As we know, a bad tenancy can result in arrears and loss of income. We have a number of safeguards in place to ensure this doesn’t happen, including a robust referencing, guarantor, deposits and sign-up process.

Preparing a property in an effective way prior to making it available to rent can help landlords to secure a quality tenant.


Stick to neutral colours throughout to ensure your property appeals to all types of tenants. Opt for high-quality paints as the colour will last longer and you will need to redecorate less frequently. Fit doorstops on every door to protect walls from being damaged by door handles.


Use a good quality choice of flooring that is hard wearing, also bear in mind if your property is an apartment to use an acoustic underlay to ensure that sound doesn’t travel to the apartment below.


A modern kitchen makes a huge difference to attracting tenants. Choose standard size and shape tiles in readily available colours as they can be easily replaced if damaged. A washer dryer, oven and hob and a good sized fridge freezer will also be of great benefit to the tenants.


Choose a power shower over an electric one as they tend to scale up less, and are more reliable. Your tenants will appreciate a good shower too. Make sure that the bath/shower area is correctly sealed, so as not to cause any future maintenance issues.


Built-in wardrobes in bedrooms are great space savers and will last much longer than stand alone furniture. Mattress protectors make a welcome addition to a move in pack for new tenants.


Paving a small garden is a good way to ensure it is easier to maintain. It also means you don’t need to maintain it during void periods or have the cost of providing equipment such as a lawn mower. It’s more convenient for your tenants too.

We collect rent and a deposit in advance, with all customers signing up to direct debit payments as part of their check-in process. Even with these processes in place, there may still be times when a customer fails to pay their rent and we will always take swift action to correct this. We have an in house income management team with a robust process to ensure that we do as much as possible to ensure that the rent is collected in full and on time every month.

Work to re-let the property begins during an existing customer's notice period. During the pre-termination visit, we will speak to them to explain how we expect the property to be cleaned/left for them to recover their full deposit.

You will receive a full financial statement each month — including all rents received, minus any fees, costs or transfer payments made within five working days of the start of the month.

On the move in date a member of the Plumlife team meets the tenant at the property.  They will explain our expectations under the tenancy agreement, provide a copy of the inventory detailing the condition of the property and it’s contents and give the tenant confirmation of the registration of their deposit. 

We will walk around the property to show them how things work and point out where important things like the stop-cocks, energy meters, and fuse box (consumer unit) are. 
We will also flush through the water to ensure there is no legionella risk and check the smoke alarms to ensure they are working. The customer will be provided with a copy of their electrical fixed wiring inspection certificate, gas safety record (if applicable), and also the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the property. 

If we are letting a flat, we will show the tenant around communal areas like bin stores, bike stores and car parks.  This helps them to settle into their home and as well as ensuring they are aware of how it operates and minimises any damage through misuse.