Ashley Is Living The Plumlife In Her New Shared Ownership Home


Ashley Booth



For Project Manager Ashley Booth, location was everything. So when she saw the new properties Plumlife was building, Radclyffe Gardens in Chadderton she was instantly interested.

Ashley, 34, had sold her property and moved in with her parents so she could save up and searched Shared Ownership properties in her area.

She came across the Plumlife development at Radclyffe Gardens and decided to investigate.

She viewed a show house at the property and after looking at various options, including Help To Buy, and loved what she saw, especially the kitchen.

Ashley said:

I thought the kitchen was beautiful and I loved the skyline windows. It was in the perfect location so I reserved a property.

Ashley bought a 70 per cent in her three-bedroom home under the Shared Ownership scheme, a scheme she is delighted to be able to take advantage of.

She added:

Shared Ownership is a huge bonus because it’s difficult, especially for people in my situation, to be able to buy a property outright.

It’s great to be able to buy a share of the property and then buy the remaining 30 per cent when I’m able to.

It’s a home I will love and I will be able to build foundations that I wasn’t in my former house. I love it.