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You say something, we’ll listen. We’re absolutely committed to providing everyone we work with, with excellent services. Customer feedback plays an important role in helping us to understand what’s working well and where we could do better. Please get in touch via the form below, we appreciate it.


Had a great experience with a Plumlife service, colleague or one of our contractors? We’d love to know about it so we can keep the good stuff flowing!


If we do make a mistake, we really want to know about it. We will always take feedback seriously and resolve the issue where we can.


Do you have any feedback or recommendations on the services we provide? If so we really want to know about it.

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Customer Feedback FAQs

What will happen next?

Our colleagues in Customer Feedback will look into your complaint and will log it at Stage 1 of the complaints process. You will receive an acknowledgement within 3-5 working days of receiving your complaint. They will provide you with a case reference number and their contact details. They will also contact you to discuss your complaint and make sure we have all the information that we need.

How long will my complaint take to deal with?

We’ll aim to investigate your complaint and respond within 10 working days. Sometimes complaints may take longer to investigate and resolve. If this is the case the Customer Feedback team will agree a new date on which we will respond and will keep in contact with you.

What do I do if I’m not happy with the response?

If you feel that we haven’t answered or resolved your complaint let the Customer Feedback team know and tell us why you think we haven’t resolved it. It helps if you can let us know what a resolution looks like for you. If we haven’t been able to resolve your complaint at Stage 1, you can progress to the next stage of the complaints process.

How long will a Stage 2 complaint take?

We will investigate and respond to a Stage 2 complaint within 20 working days. If we can resolve it sooner we will but often Stage 2 complaints can be more complex and take longer.

Our colleagues in the Customer Feedback team will acknowledge the Stage 2 complaint and will provide details of who will be your point of contact during the Stage 2 investigation. The person assigned to investigate your complaint will contact you to discuss your complaint and make sure they have all the information needed. Stage 2 complaints are investigated by a new person, someone not previously involved in your complaint.

What do I do if I still don’t feel like my issue/complaint has been resolved?

Depending on your tenure type (Market Rent, Shared Owner, Leaseholder) you can seek advice and assistance from a third-party organisation. Please see links below.

You options include getting in touch with:

Housing Ombudsman Service

The Property Ombudsman Service

First Tier Tribunal