Shared Ownership at Mabel Gardens ticked all the boxes for Jennifer




When Jennifer Keane wanted to return home to Lancaster after a relationship break-up, she was fearing the worst.

Given the high interest rates and cost of living crisis, she thought she was looking at renting or a house she would have to spend a fortune on to bring it up to her standards.

But a Google search brought her to Plumlife and the Mabel Gardens development which ticked all the boxes for the 34-year-old mother of three girls, who works as a Delivery Manager at Lancaster Court House.

She said: “I’m from Lancaster originally and have been living in the North East after a spell in the Army but I decided to head home to what I knew after my partner and I spilt up and we sold the house we had.

“I wanted to live in Lancaster and when I came across Mabel Gardens it was everything I wanted so I had a drive down to the site and had a look. It was in a great location and just seemed perfect.

“I wasn’t able to see a show home and had to rely on CGIs and information about the plot to make a final decision, which was a bit of a risk, but its paid off.”

Jennifer secured a 25 per cent share in her property and said her new home is everything she has dreamt of.
She added: “I love our new home. I bought a 25 per cent share of the three-bedroom house as I was buying alone but it’s an investment in my family’s future.

“It’s a great house and we have lovely neighbours. I have a semi-detached home at the end of the block so we only have neighbours on one side and a huge garden. The living room backs onto the garden and the French doors lets natural light flood in. It’s very peaceful.

“The girls have new bedrooms, which is great as they can have their own space. The youngest share the biggest bedroom and they love it.

“The kitchen has fantastic integrated appliances and it’s well insulated, which helps with bills, so it’s everything I wanted.

“And the location is perfect. I can drop the girls off at school and get to work easily. It’s somewhere we can put roots down and I hope to staircase the amount I own to make it ours in the future.

“I dread to think what situation we would have been in had we not found Mabel Gardens. I’m about £400 a month better off than had I been forced to rent, which helps us live better.”

And Jennifer was full of praise for Plumlife and sales advisor Ian and how he supported her through the process.
“Ian was fantastic. He explained the process and kept us up-to-date with everything going on with our application right up to the date we got the keys and then when he had snagging issues.

“Plumlife did everything we needed them to do and the fact we have been able to take advantage of the Shared Ownership scheme has been a god send for me and my girls. We couldn’t ask for more.”

If you’re looking for a Shared Ownership home like Jennifer, take a look at our available developments.