Rent to Buy

The Rent to Buy scheme is effectively a way to 'try before you buy'. It allows you to rent your home while you save up for a deposit to purchase it in the future.*

You can rent your chosen home at an affordable discounted rate (usually up to 20% lower than average local market rents) for between three and five years.

In the future, as your circumstances change you can purchase shares of your home (Shared Ownership) or even buy it outright.

To be eligible for Rent to Buy, at the time of letting applicants must be working and intending to buy their own home in the future. They must also be first-time buyers or those returning to the market following a relationship breakdown.

Rent to Home Buy*

Older Rent to Buy properties are available for re-let where previous applicants have chosen not to purchase the property after a certain period of time.

*Please note that there is limited availability for these schemes.

To search for available Rent to Buy homes choose the rent option on our property search section.