Selling your home

If you are thinking of selling your home you will need to check your lease before you begin.

If Plumlife is your landlord, then it is important that you tell us about your intention to sell and about how you plan to find a buyer.

If you are a Shared Owner, the person you sell your share to would need to qualify for shared ownership and under the terms of your lease Plumlife will have a period of time to find an eligible shared ownership buyer. If we are unable to do so within the ‘nomination period’ in most cases you would have the option to staircase (buy additional shares) and sell the property on the open market. Further detail can be found in this leaflet.

If Plumlife manages your development for another landlord, you do not need to involve Plumlife in the sale of your home.

What you will need to do is contact your landlord directly and check your lease with them — to see if there are any restrictions/conditions relating to selling your home.

Once the sale process begins, your solicitor is likely to have management enquiries which they will need Plumlife to answer — including whether or not there are any arrears on your account.

They will also need to give formal notice to Plumlife when the sale has completed so an account can be created for the new resident.

Plumlife can check your lease and guide you through the sales process. If you require further advice, please contact us.